Food & Beverage

Pneumatic Conveying

machines people use to milk cows
pneumatic conveying silos

The use of positive displacement blowers in pneumatic conveying provides efficient transfer of dry bulk material from point to point at varying pressures and vacuum levels.

Both MD Pneumatics™ blowers and Kinney vacuum pumps serve many applications within the Food & Beverage market. These typical applications include: milking, deaeration, evaporation, freeze drying, pneumatic conveying, vacuum stuffers, bottle filling, vacuum packaging, drying, deodorization, evisceration, extraction, distillation, and sterilization.

Meat Processing 

vacuum sealed meat packages

There are several vacuum applications found within meat processing facilities.  Most commonly you will find rotary vane vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps in use.

Kinney vacuum pumps can be found in many meat processing applications including stuffing/filling, packaging, mixing, bowl cutter, and tumbler/massager.  The KVA rotary vane vacuum pump works in multiple processes and is the most common type of pump used in the industry.  Its ease of maintenance, end pressure and cycle time, along with its special vane material that is tolerant to moisture make it the preferred choice of many facilities.  Tuthill's KLRC and A Series vacuum pumps have a stainless design option which is great for food processes.  These are single and two-stage vacuum designs.

Sap Extraction - Maple Syrup

tapping a tree using a liquid ring vacuum pump

Production for maple syrup typically happens during the later winter months, as freezing nights and warm days are needed in order to induce sap flows..

The conventional way to collect the sap is to drill the holes and hang buckets on the maple trees, however it is time consuming and therefore less efficient. Today’s use of plastic tubing and a liquid ring vacuum pump to extract the sap has enabled increased production and ensures that it arrives cold and clear to the sugar house.

Tuthill A series single-stage and KLRC two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used in this application, with typical vacuum requirement of 17” to 25” HgV. Tuthill’s liquid ring vacuum pumps can be run with water or oil as a sealing liquid with various configurations. The OSR System is an oil sealed, self contained unit including an AF single stage pump.